Custom Fabrication and Automotive Parts and Services

Custom exhaust

We are the only shop in western Canada with a custom Mandrel Bender for light gauge tubing and stainless steel. This means we can build high end exhaust systems from scratch to your vehicle and specifications.

We can also order and install a wide range of OEM and Aftermarket exhaust systems, mufflers and Headers!


With years of experience in racing and drifting we are enthusiastic to get you ready for the track!

Rollcages, Rollbars, Brake brackets, Brake ducts, Aluminum diffusers, Custom engine/transmission mounts, Custom arms

metal fabrication

With passion for building anything from metal, years of experience in fabrication and a Red Seal Ticket in Welding we are happy to take on the project you have in mind

Guard/hand rails, Brackets, Splash Guards, Metal Art, etc.


With Equipment such as our Mandrel Bender, Draw Bender, Crush Bender, MIG and TIG Welders allows us to build and modify nearly anything

Automotive Parts

We can get our hands on everything from your basic daily driver replacement parts to high performance parts for your race car. 

Automotive services

We have experience replacing, fixing and modifying parts from basic Suspension, Brakes and Wheel Alignment to custom Engine swaps, Dual rear calipers, stitch welding, wing installation, and much more

About our company

For 25 years M-Tech Automotive Ltd. has been providing the Greater Vancouver Area with top quality automotive services at an affordable price. Formerly known as Muffler-Tech Performance, the name was changed to M-Tech Automotive as to reflect the evolution of the business.

Advantages of our service

Car Parts

With a list of aftermarket suppliers we can get a wide range of American and JDM parts


Lowered cars and airbaged trucks can drive on the 4-post automotive lift with confidence


Experience and education in Automotive, Fabrication, Welding and even Aircraft maintenance


High quality craftsmanship at competitive rates